It’s all about motivation or not?

Yesterday I wrote a blog about trust. The blog is written in Dutch because that’s my first language. Today I’ll write in English because this blog summarizes a lot of the content from the discussion board. Main topic; who is the student who is interested in following a blended course? Why is the first student capable to follow a blended course, while the second can follow a MOOC, but must the third see a teacher to finish the assignments? Is the first student better, or the second or perhaps the third? What does someone needs to be in charge? Or are all three in charge of their own learning.

Fact is the student who follows a blended course or a MOOC seems in no need of a person who stimulates them. They must be self-directed and very organized. But there must be something more about these learners. While reading the discussion forums the word motivation popped out over and over again. And I think that’s what it is. People who want to learn are highly motivated people. They have questions and want answers. They look for these answers wherever they can. They read to find the answers and they follow the courses which gives the answers. They are looking for something and that’s why they are self-directed. They know their questions.

And there is the reason so many people drop out of a MOOC. They simply don’t have a question.I’ve started some MOOC”s just because I wanted to follow a MOOC. I’ve never finished these MOOC s. I had no question. I wasn’t searching for answers, just trying to do something with my spare time.

So can I say: a person is only motivated enough if he or she has questions and want answers?
if that’s true we have to create questions students which students wants to know. And if we help them to search, we are searching together. That would be a motivational environment.

Not really a new topic, but very important to remember once in awhile.

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