Fairy Tales, Fantasy and Education. Utopia or Dystopia?

This weeks’ MOOC’s all handled the question; “what is your dream for….. “, and that triggered me to write this blog.

In a land far far away there once was a teacher, lets say her name is Me. Me wanted to teach children how to become curious people, because she believed curious people first ask questions before they have an opinion. And before asking the questions they try to find the answer by them-self. They look for information on the web, ask peers or experts. They know where to find the answers. But children must learn this kind of behaviour and she is not the only teacher in the land. And she doesn’t run the school. And she knows she can only learn the children this behaviour if her fellow teachers, the school and the government make a paradigm shift and accept the responsibility children can have for their own learning.

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 11.05.48

If children can make their own assignments and perhaps their own assessment, would that enhance their capability to self direct their learning? 

Me also believed that the role of a teacher could change. No longer tell the children what the must learn, but answer the children’s questions about what they want to learn. And accept that not all children can learn at the same speed.Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 11.12.03 And accept that some children know it better than the teacher, because they are interested in the subject and looked up all kind of information about that subject. Me wanted to learn together, with and from the children. Me wanted to create the ideal learning experience for the children. She wanted to communicate and build relationships. She wanted to give the children the SWISH-experience.

If the last experience of the child is a SWISH-experience would it enjoy learning more?

Me knows that children who have had a lot of SWISH-experiences would grow up as adults who aren’t afraid to ask questions. Like Alice in Wonderland, always accepting the things happend with her body and mind. And always asking herself and others questions. Growing up, Learning, become an adult is not always easy. Me and we knows. But it can be fun to do.

I hope Me can create the educational world she dreamed of and that she and her children will live happily ever after. Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 11.19.51